8 reasons why installing LED lights in Singapore might be a better option for your home


Image of a bedroom that utilises LED lights in Singapore

LED lights in Singapore have undergone many changes over the years and are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Undoubtedly, lighting forms part and parcel of the design plan in any home interior – however – the plethora of choices may not help as it can cause you to lose focus.

When choosing the best ceiling lights in Singapore, consider other factors besides design and style. Aspects such as lifespan, energy consumption, heat emission, and cost-efficiency will narrow down your choices.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of LED lights in Singapore, and if they are suitable for your home.

1. LED lights have a longer lifespan

A major advantage of LED lighting is its long lifespan. LED bulbs use about 80% less electricity, can last 40 times longer than an average incandescent bulb and are 2-4 times longer than fluorescent lamps.  

This translates to lower maintenance costs as you don’t need to replace LED bulbs as often as you would incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps. 

2. LED lights are more energy-efficiency

The brightness of a bulb is measured in lumens, while energy usage is measured in Watts. So, for example, if you're looking for 800 lumens of brightness, you need to get an incandescent bulb with 60 Watts. 

The energy consumption of a 60-Watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to just 5-7 Watts in an LED bulb. If you're using LED track lights in Singapore, you can have several LED bulbs without worrying about high power consumption. 

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The advancement of LED lights has increased their energy-saving capabilities to over 90% in comparison to incandescent bulbs:


LED lights 

Incandescent lights

200-300 lumens

2-4 Watts

25-30 Watts

300-500 lumens

3-5 Watts

40 Watts

500-700 lumens

5-7 Watts

60 Watts

700-1000 lumens

8-10 Watts

75 Watts

1000-1250 lumens

10-13 Watts

120 Watts

1250-2000 lumens

13-20 Watts

150-250 Watts

3. LED lights are safer

You might not immediately associate safety with using LED lights.

While you may not associate LED lights with safety, the amount of heat emission is a key consideration when choosing the right lighting for your home.

LED bulbs consume far less energy than other kinds of bulbs, so they generate far less heat. 

Incandescent bulbs, for example, convert about 90% of their energy into heat and only 10% into light. LED bulbs, on the other hand, optimise power consumption into light. 

Since LED bulbs use less energy, they can operate in low-voltage systems and are therefore safer to use.

4. They are smaller in size

LED lights come in a variety of sizes, some as small as a pinhead. Their compact size allows them to be kept out of sight while still providing sufficient lighting for any space. 

 Image of an LED light strip that is suitable to use as extra lighting for vanity areas and areas where more focus is required

LEDs also come in strips, making them easier to use for task lighting. LED strips can be placed under your cabinet to provide extra lighting for cutting or cooking in the kitchen, for example. 

To enhance their functionality, you can use these LED strips inside the wardrobe, closet rods, drawers, or shelves in your bedroom or study/work area. 

LED strips can also be used in ceiling cove lighting to highlight artwork or a feature wall. By using smaller LEDs, you can fit 1-inch to 2-inch downlights into shallower recessed areas.   

5. LED lights have different tunable colour temperatures 

Colour temperature is another LED lighting feature that can set the right mood in your home and enhance your interior and furnishings. Low temperatures produce yellowish tones, while high ones produce blueish tones. 

Wood furnishings work well with lower colour temperatures in the 2700K range to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Higher colour temperatures between 3000K and 4000K range allow light-coloured furnishings to stand out even more in a home make the space appear bright and airy.

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6. LED lights have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measures how well light can reveal the actual colour of an object when compared to natural light. 

A High CRI is desirable in order to capture an object's true colours. For example, the CRI of LED lights typically ranges from 65 to 95, implying that they can better bring out the colours of your home interiors.

Homes with subtle variations in colour and mixtures of natural materials will benefit from LED bulbs with a CRI of 95 or higher.

7. They have virtually zero UV emissions 

Most of the energy produced by LED lights in Singapore are in the visible spectrum with a small amount released in the infrared spectrum. However, virtually no energy is emitted in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum

This makes LEDs safe and ideal for illuminating art or photographs, which would otherwise degenerate if exposed to high UV emissions.

8. LED lights have more flexibility 

Image of LED light bulbs arranged in a creative design to spice up your home interior

Being compact is undoubtedly a draw in using LED lights in Singapore. Its small size allows installation in various applications. For instance, you can bunch them up into a traditional bulb or arrange them in sequence into a straight line – so let your creative juices flow!

Moreover, LEDs utilise solid-state lighting (SSL). As a result, they do not require glass casings around them and can be used on their own as small device lights. 

Buying the best LED lights in Singapore 

With LED lights in Singapore, you will have the advantage of flexibility, as well as the ability to save on energy costs over the long run. 

If you’re wondering where to buy LED lights in Singapore, check out some of our LED lights here.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to shop for lights in Singapore. From led lights, ceiling lights, track lightings, pendant lights, hanging lights, to smart lighting in Singapore, we curate the best lighting solutions for your home interior. Chat with us on WhatsApp and let us help you find the best lighting solutions for your home.

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