The ultimate guide to Track Light system in Singapore

 Image of a master bedroom in Singapore with Track Light system installed

Your interior designer might have suggested that you install a track light system in your new home, reasoning that this smart lighting system – known for its slim and sleek look – would nicely complement the minimalist design you have chosen for your home.

You have seen it in other homes, offices or theatres, and you understand what your interior designer is talking about. But how much do you know about track lights in Singapore? Let’s dive deeper.

What is a Track Light system?

Track lighting is a general term for lighting fixtures that make use of a track or railing system. Mounted on the ceiling or wall, the railing system provides electricity and holds the light fixtures in place.

Before deciding if LED track light is the way to go, let’s break it down so you’ll be clearer on the basics of this system as well as what it can offer.

History of the Track Light system

The use of track lighting is not new. It was designed and introduced in the early 1960s by Anthony C. Donato. Since then, it has found its way into many residential, commercial and theatre interiors worldwide. 

The track’s design has gone through various phases over the years to allow for changes in interior design styles, lighting colours and brightness for various rooms.   

Track lights have become more popular, with LED lights being increasingly used as light fixtures in Singapore homes. 

4-part setup to the Track Light system

There are 4 parts to a track light system setup.

1. The track rails

The first part is the track rails that use attraction to adjust the heads and light bulbs easily. This track rail is connected to a power feed that supplies electricity to the light fixtures placed along the track.

While we often see black-coloured tracks, they come in different colours and styles to suit your home interior. The good thing about the electrified track is that it can be extended, depending on your room’s length.

Made from high-grade aluminium, the track in a track light setup uses a low voltage wiring that runs from the circuit to the end of the bar. Low voltage implies that this type of lighting uses less energy and is generally safe.

If your room requires a longer track, you can use connectors to join several tracks to create the length you need. As a note, a straight bar for creating LED track lights in Singapore comes in 4-foot or 8-foot lengths.

There are 3 different types of tracks rails. The most commonly seen ones in Singapore are Lightolier track rails. Flexible and functional, Lightolier track rails can support adjustable heads, pendants, or a mixture of both. 

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2. Track heads

Track heads are pieces that hold the light bulbs. Attached to the track, they’re typically used as a spotlight to point to an area or create a cosy ambience in a room. 

Track heads come in several styles:

  • Step
  • Round back
  • Pinhole
  • Gimbal
  • Pendant

You can choose from a variety that compliments your home design. Be mindful; however, not all heads are created equal. Some head types may not be suitable for a particular track. So it’s a good idea to check beforehand if the track you choose can accommodate the heads you want for your home.

A transformer is usually built into the track head base to step down the current coming from your home’s main electrical supply.

The track head can be attached, detached or moved along the track to achieve the exact illumination you want. As such, track light is often favoured for this easy plug-and-play feature. 

You don’t need to follow any specific guidelines on the distance of the heads placed. It’s entirely up to you how far apart you want the heads to be. Having these movable track heads means you can point the light source in any direction without setting up new wirings.

Similarly, you dictate how many heads you want along the track, depending on how bright you want your room to be.

3. Bulbs

The bulbs used in your lights system depend on the heads you choose. One of the most common ones used for LED ceiling lights in Singapore is the GU10 bulb.

If you have selected pendant heads for your system, you might want to choose a more elegant and sleek bulb design to create a modern, contemporary look. For this purpose, carbon filament or Edison bulbs are popular due to their elegant appearance and unique shapes.

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4. Connectors

Connectors are used in places where you need to align more than 1 track for sufficient illumination. 

With connectors, you can join several tracks together, drawing on the same power source. As a result, you won’t need a new power source or compromise on your design layout simply because of a shorter than desired track length.

Find out what you should note before installing LED Track Lights in your home here.

Track Light Systems are highly customisable

Image of how Track Light system is used as part of the Singapore home’s home theatre

There are a variety of ways to illuminate your living sanctuary. 

Track light system offers you a customisable lighting solution that harmonises interior design styles such as contemporary, industrial or minimalist. You should consider this smart lighting system if you want a clean-line look for your home.

You can personalise lights to suit your unique styles in spaces like your living room, dining area or bedroom. 

You can fit these lights along your hallways to highlight your photos or art collection. As track lights don’t demand much space, you don’t have to worry if they’d fit.

And if you ever get tired of your present interior style, you can experiment with light fixtures of different designs that can fit into the track. The possibilities are endless!

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