Buy ceiling lights in Singapore: Tips on how to choose the right colour temperature in your home

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You've decided to go for a paint colour that you saw in a magazine. But when you're done, your room doesn't look as attractive as what you'd seen or imagined. You know you have chosen the right paint colour. But have you applied the right lighting colour temperature?

Let's face it – lighting colour is not usually on our priority list when renovating our home. However, it's not something to brush aside if you want to bring out the best in your design interior.

Colour temperature can do a lot more than accentuate the looks of a room – it can also create all sorts of ambience throughout your home. So let's look at what lighting colour temperature is about and how you can apply the right colour temperatures in your home!

Considering the colour temperature when buying ceiling lights in Singapore: What is it and why does it matter

Colour temperature is a way to measure how visible light appears to the naked eye.

Simply put, it tells you the different colours emitted by a light bulb and is measured in degrees Kelvin (represented by the symbol K). For most LED ceiling lights in Singapore, colour temperature ranges from 2000K to 6500K.

Even though colour temperatures can be defined in a variety of ways, they generally fit into 3 broad categories:

  • Warm white
    Bulbs with lower colour temperatures measuring between 2000K and 3000K, emit warm white light. Light of such colour temperatures glistens a room with a soft yellowish-orange glow, creating a sense of warmth and relaxation.
  • Cool white
    Lighting fixtures or bulbs with a colour temperature of 3100K to 4500K are best for illuminating a neutral cool white space.

    Colour temperatures in this range offer a cleaner and more precise illumination than warm white light. It’s ideal for areas that require functional and task lightings, such as your kitchen or work area.
  • Daylight
    Colour temperatures of 4600K to 6000K will produce a similar effect to natural daylight.

    The actual daylight has a colour temperature between 5500K and 6000K. So if you’d like to achieve a clear and similar illumination to natural light, go for lighting with a colour temperature of 4600K to 6000K.

    This range has a nice, bright, crisp look and works well the kitchen, bathrooms, or vanity areas. However, avoid such high-colour-temperature lighting in rooms intended for a comforting, relaxed atmosphere, as such lighting may be too jarring and distracting. 

In general, low colour temperatures are more conducive to an inviting, relaxing atmosphere thanks to their warm yellowish glow. And as you move higher in the spectrum, the colour temperature tends to turn bluer and is described as 'cool', creating a more energising atmosphere.

Colour temperature type

Temperature range



Warm white

2000K - 3000K

A soft, yellowish, orange glow

Warm, cosy, relaxing ambience

Cool white

3100K - 4500K

Clean, clearer illumination that appears brighter to the human eye (as compared to warm white)

Comfortable yet refreshing, stimulates the mind without being too relaxing


4600K - 6000K

Crisp illumination resembling natural light

Stark, clear atmosphere that helps heightens focus and concentration


How to choose the right colour temperature for your ceiling lights in your Singapore home interior

You now know about different colour temperatures, but how do you put them into practice in your home? What are the best ways to integrate your choice of lighting seamlessly with your paint, furnishings, and flooring? 

Here are our recommendations on applying the different colour temperatures to enhance various parts of your home.

Living room

Probably the most versatile room of any house, the living room can accommodate several activities like entertaining guests, watching TV, playing games, or enjoying quiet moments of reading or meditation.

For this reason, you might want to outfit your living room with more than one type of lighting source to cater to the variety of activities taking place there. For instance, you can install a chandelier or hanging fixture that emits cool white light to aid better concentration when reading or playing games.  

In a welcoming atmosphere, you want to create a feeling of calm and cosiness. For example, warm white hanging lights or a standing lamp could create a warm, inviting ambience in your space.

Space can be an issue in smaller homes. As an alternative to a standing lamp that requires more space, recessed lighting with warm white light troughs can brighten up the room.  

Dining room 

Image of a dining room and dry kitchen in a private home in Singapore featuring hanging ceiling lights

Colour temperature sets the intended mood in any space. For example, warm white lighting is preferred over stark daylight fixtures in fine dining restaurants to create a relaxing yet classy atmosphere.

Likewise, you can use dining hanging lights that are warm white. Warm white lighting is great for entertaining guests and can help to stimulate the appetite and tantalise the taste buds.

Lighting with different colour temperatures can create a separation between living and dining areas in smaller homes without clearly marking them off. 


Many high-focus activities happen in the kitchen. For example, you need to have undivided attention when wielding knives or scrubbing off dirt, grime or accidental spills. Additionally, it's essential to keep your kitchen clean because that's where your food comes from. 

To ensure safety in the kitchen, clear lighting is necessary. It's best to choose a light in your kitchen that's a cool white colour temperature for better visibility and clarity. If the main lighting doesn't provide sufficient illumination, consider installing under-cabinet lighting with similar colour temperatures.

Aside from safety concerns, installing cool white lighting makes the kitchen appear larger, brighter and cleaner.


Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in your home since this is where you wind down after a long day. Set the mood with warm white lighting that illuminates yet appears subtle in the room when you want to relax. Warm, white hanging lights for your bedroom give off a soft yellowish glow, creating a sense of comfort.

Alternatively, you can install warm white bedroom cove lighting above your headboard for that delicate, dreamy feel to your space.

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Study room

A study room is another area where you need to stay focused to finish your work efficiently.  

You want to be energised and alert in your study, so it should be lit with cool white lighting to give that sense of 'freshness' that will make it easier to focus. 

The best way to achieve this is to install overhead lighting with recessed pin lights.

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Warm white lighting is best for achieving that hotel-like ambience in your bathroom. 

However, you may experience issues with this colour temperature when doing personal grooming – like washing your face and applying makeup – as it may be difficult to illuminate or focus the light on a particular area.

To balance these needs, add task lightings using a wall or pendant lamp around the vanity area.

Learn more about task lightings here. 

Image of a bathroom task light by the vanity area

There are some additional considerations for bathroom lighting since the room can be humid or warm. Lighting with good waterproofing and heat dissipation properties is ideal for bathrooms, service yards and outdoor areas.

Installing the right colour temperature for your ceiling lights 

Choosing the right lighting for your home is a delicate balance between setting the mood you want and matching the lighting's colour temperature. 

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